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At the core of the problem is the aging of the average American motorcyclist, as alternating younger generations get into motorcycling at a progressively lower rate. The current battleground among motorcycle manufacturers for new customers is Millenials, who – now in their 20s and 30s – are at the prime age for purchasing recreational vehicles like motorcycles. One problem with that strategy – millenials just aren’t that into them.

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For Americans of a certain generation, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have always authentic what it means to be “cool.” Like the stars of the 1969 classic Easy Rider, Harleys evoke a very specific image: long hair, sunglasses, bandannas, and maybe an American flag or two.

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This may sound alarmist, but with the recent release of industry statistics for the second division of 2017, it’s apparent that there is definitely a apparent decline in motorcycling in America – and it’s a claiming that every manufacturer is disturbing with and preparing for.

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Oct 26, 2017 ... Blog maintained by Brian's HD, offering news and insights into the world of Harley-Davidson.

Why Harley-Davidson Is Giving Interns a Free Motorcycle and 12 Weeks to Ride It Across the Country

But while that nostalgia has served Harley-Davidson well over the years, it could also be causing some new problems for the 115-year-old, Milwaukee-based manufacturer. These days, a Millennial generation that isn’t particularly enthused about motorcycles in general is hurting both the company’s sales and their recruiting efforts. In fact, in January of this year, Harley-Davidson bankrupt its Kansas City plant as shipments of its iconic motorcycles reached a six-year low.

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Jun 28, 2018 ... With their #FindYourFreedom internship, Harley-Davidson is taking an ... To receive blog posts like this one straight in your inbox, subscribe to ...

Large Motorcycles are Dying in the US; and Harley-Davidson is Dying Fastest

The motorcycle industry is struggling with this, along with the crumbling of it’s customer base overall. As of 2016, the median age of the American motorcyclist is 47, up from 40 in 2009, and 32 in 1990. Trace those numbers back, and a scary discovery emerges – the American motorcycle riding is more or less authentic by a single age cohort, that is getting older (but not being replaced by new riders.)

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It’s not only something inherent to motorcycles that millenials are afraid away from – young people these days don’t like to drive in general. The actual possession of a driver authorization has fallen double-digit percentages amid teens and adults in aloof the last few decades, a finding released in a 2014 University of Michigan study on the phenomenon.

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